Total population = 8,205,400

Population growth rate: 1.14%

Infant mortality rate: 34.0 deaths/1,000 live births

Gross national income per capita: $104

Adult literacy rate (age 15 and over can read and write):

Total population: 99.7%

Male: 99.8%

Female: 99.6%

Life expectancy at birth:

Total population: 67.89 years

Male: 66.88 years

Female: 68.90 years

It is estimated that one in four families has at least one family member working abroad, with the primary seasonal migration destination to Russia. The labor migrants are predominantly men, the majority of whom are officially married (ILO, 2010). Unemployment is the driving force for migration and approximately 74% of the migrants find work in construction abroad (ILO, 2010).  In 2008, remittances sent home by labor migrants made up 49% of Tajikistan’s GDP (World Bank, 2008).


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